29 August 2017 @ 11:33 pm

WOW what a treat! Double entry!
Well as I said in the previous post, that I have VERY recently discovered or more like recently been loving a new group.
A very new group

Wanna one

This is a group (that is actually a temporary group) - they were created from a survival program called "Produce 101". This is actually season 2, where season 1 consisted of only female trainees; season 2 is the opposite of that. This group will only be carrying out promotions and group activities for only 2 years. After which they will disband and return to their various agencies - to debut, or what not. Which is really sad for me because I actually have come to love the group dynamics of all the members.


Out of all the 11 members, I have come to truly just love two in particularly (: So here and let me introduce you to them (: - Well hold up!
For now, I will introduce to you my absolute favourite!


kang daniel
kang daniel

This beautiful boy (who is 4 years younger than me -_-"), is my favourite! I truly truly am just amazed how he can be so sexy YET cute at the same time! It is rather ridiculous!

Okay, I will not fangirl right now! Check them out ^^

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29 August 2017 @ 11:17 pm

Hello folks!
I apologise for not being the most active person there is.
So I am taking some time out (: to inform you of one of my latest loves :D
It is indeed very rare for me to become rather heavily involved with idol groups - ever since DB5K broke my heart with their split, it never quite got back into it.

Over time, I have fallen in love with only one group since, and now I am adding that 1+1=2 groups in total.

BTOB has been the group that has help me recover my love for kpop.

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This group has it all, everything from amazing talent, to extreme funniest and just wonderful love between each member. All of the members (very much like DB5K) are equally talent in their own right.


I won't bombard this post with loads of things - but this is just something I would like to share!
Please give them love and attention, it would be completely worth it.
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02 July 2017 @ 08:59 pm
As I am new to DM, I am still trying to get use to the whole layout and system. It is a bit difficult to transition from LJ to DM over here. But I will slowly give it a shot!

Recently I have been doing a "I Can See Your Voice" marathon.
I have got to say, I love the concept of this program. A lot of times we do judge people base on their appearance, what they wear, how they look like.

This show does break that stereotype that all good looking people CAN sing, and those who are not CANNOT. The other thing is also the fact that it allows people such as people who are tone-deaf the opportunity to appear on the show. It gives people who are fearful a chance to be courage and sing in front of many.

I am currently in love with two people who appeared on the show. One is an actor, who every guy in the audience wanted him to be TONE DEAF. Another is an amazing young guitarist, just completely awestruck by his skills.
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20 April 2017 @ 04:46 pm
Hello ~ Welcome to my blog!
Let me do a quick introduction to who me is.

I hail from the small island of Singapore. I am currently educating young minds but feel my calling is elsewhere.
I have always carried a passion and love for the Japanese and the Korean culture (not because of dramas, truly love Japan and Korea)

Although, I am not denying I do not like JPOP idol bands or KPOP; cause I do ^^
My ultimate bias are DB5K and 嵐. Not to say I dont like others I do. But these two definitely hold a special place in my heart.